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&Company Resto Bar is the premier venue located in the heart of Mississauga, steps from the landmark Square One Shopping Centre. It boasts an impressively beautiful 15 000 square foot space, a gastronomically creative executive chef and exceptionally skilled staff that have hosted the GTA's elite and discerning socialites, Fortune 500 corporate events, TV productions, and more.

Successfully open for four years and, at its peak, entertaining over 1000 guests in one night, &Company came to Craft + Keen for a total refresh of their website, key messaging, and a better way to serve their guests thus increasing revenue.


1 Create original concepts that is reflective of its rare guest experience offering; a visual communication of the culinary excellence, atmospheric luxury, and nightlife synergy that is unique to &Company alone.

2 Unify, streamline and automate all the ways and different kinds of reservations (dinner, nightlife and large parties) that &Company accepts for their guests and staff administrators.


Third party applications such as OpenTable are predominately used for online dinner reservations and not custom built by restauranteurs because it is a complex feature set. The challenge is how to determine which tables are free for reservation and the layout of such tables. Data algorthims used for real-time booking are proprietary and complex.

It gets more challenging when combined with nightlife bottle service reservations which function differently and opposite of dinner where one "booth" is not constrained by the number of seats.

Throw in large parties (12+ guests) that require a shift in table layout, special menus, minimum spend, etc. and you've got a complex problem of how to automate and handle each unique data set with unique user flows seamlessly.

For this reason, there hasn't been a unified application system that solves this problem for the hospitality industry.


  • A responsive website focused on UX and SEO with a visual story.
  • A bespoke Content Management System (CMS).
  • A bespoke, first of its kind, Integrated Reservation System (IRS).
  • Google Analytics & GTM to track and optimize performance.
  • Photography, video production and copywriting.


  • CMS – inline editing with drag-and-drop Restaurant Dinner Menu builder.
  • IRS – drag-and-drop floor plan and table layout; real-time reporting on reservation upselling and abandon rates; special event and guestlist management; quick 3-step reservation process for guests regardless of type and multiple system entry points to complete reservation.
  • CMS & IRS are integrated into one core code base for ease of maintenance.


  • Improved brand value and key messaging.
  • Increased ease and access to Reservations or Info.
  • Optimized to increase revenue.
  • Reservation operations cost/time -70%

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