We value creative solutions that are grounded in human truths; that touch our humanity and as such result in authentic action and measurable ROI. We value and believe that what inspires human action starts with a rather calculating analysis of data and research. An analysis that when interpreted through the lens of psychology can lead to artistry that emotionally engages the consumer.

It has been said that a sculptor does not transform stone or wood into the final art, but rather through intermingling science (geometry, anatomy) with the intuition of an artist, the sculptor uncovers what already existed in the block of stone. That is how we approach our work and what we value…digital marketing communication solutions grounded in science and brought to life through creative.

We believe…

  • That budgets do not determine success… you can get more with less.
  • In uncompromising quality… because good is the enemy of great.
  • Great working client/agency relationships are founded on transparency and authenticity.
  • Creating great work is both an iterative and collaborative process.
  • Brands should have a point of view.
  • We should always be striving to create work that lasts. We do not believe in castles in the sand.

The How

We employ a tried and true five stage design thinking process:

  • Empathize – understand the problem, the context, the limitations.
  • Define – distill and articulate the problem; determine KPIs, define what is success.
  • Ideate – employing a creative chaos approach, we brainstorm, ruminate, and do so with speed believing a single brilliant great idea comes from quickly having hundreds of bad ones.
  • Prototype – ideas are thoroughly explored and vetted both conceptually against the brief and technically.
  • Test – whether a functional digital solution or a conceptual brand one, we test our ideas against a set of predetermined KPIs.


Peter Pham, Managing Director

Peter is craft. His role is to operationally inspire and ensure the exemplary quality of Craft + Keen’s strategic andcreative output. Peter brings a well-credentialed and entrepreneurial past to his mission. In 2004 Peter founded Access Print, a print production company servicing over 1000 North American clients. As the business grew, Peter expanded its offering to include marketing services (digital strategy, promotions, branding and design) with focus in the hospitality sector. So it was no leap when in 2015, in partnership with Theresa, he integrated Access Print into what is today Craft + Keen.

In addition to providing C+K with exceptional print production resources and expertise, Peter brings an entrepreneur’s ‘get it done’ business drive and, operational and financial know-how to the organization. Working as the key day-to-day liaison with clients, Peter ensures the high degree of craft that goes into everything Craft + Keen does.

Theresa Pham, Managing Director

Theresa is keen... keenly insightful, keenly attuned to the blend of psychology and analytics that underpins behaviour. Part data science, part applying a humanistic world view, Theresa’s role is to uncover and articulate the insights that anchor and inspire Craft + Keen’s work.

A multi-disciplinary digital professional and as a former developer and designer, her decade long experience provides insight into efficient and strategic solution design. She drives projects beyond simply fulfilling stakeholder requests believing that UX behavioural drivers, critical for marketing to catalyze business growth and optimize internal marketing/compliance processes, are paramount.

Experienced in global production, she is comfortable and adept at maneuvering complex projects from ideation to implementation successfully in a rapid and agile environment. Her work has received many accolades including a gold award from NAREIT.

Some notable projects Theresa has worked on include: the LCBO, Franklin Templeton Investments, CIBC, Honda & Acura and Henley Homes (London, UK).

Nicholas Chin, Creative Director

Nicholas’s talent for building strong brands has been a pursuit of passion. Prior to joining Craft + Keen, Nick cofounded OX Agency and built a reputation as an expert in visual identity, unearthing genuine brand attributes to develop a wide range of thought- provoking designs. He’s also a lover of form and function, using his acute eye to find opportunities for clients to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Some brands that Nicholas has worked with are: Smirnoff, Redbull, City of Toronto, Sotheby’s, The Hershey Company, United Steel Workers and President's Choice.

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